Learning to Trust God More

Why do I do it? I should know better by now, you would think! I have to stop asking for things like patience, building trust, increasing faith, developing a better attitude and other such stuff. Why? Because God, in his love, brings events, circumstances and people into my life that will build those characteristics that I asked for and then I get upset when he does. Good grief!

The good news is that I’m getting faster at recognizing these events as they happen. Ring ring, excuse me, phone call (at 8:24 am?). Talking, hang up. Picture me shaking my head. Perfect example just happened with that phone call. I’ll explain.

For several months I’ve been praying and thinking about moving closer to my daughter’s family. It is a smaller town and she is concerned that I will invade her space. Frankly, so was I but I received this Word from the Lord as I was praying about the possible move. Should I really do this?

March 10, 2013 John Hagee Ministries posted, “No matter what may be happening today, God has good things in store for your future! It may not be easy to see now, but God has already lined up a new beginning, new friendships and new opportunities for you.” Ok, Lord, I’m going to claim this as a promise from you to me.

Once I said that, events, decisions, plans and everything else that could go wrong seemed to do so. It got to the point where I threw my hands up and cried out to God, “why is this getting so hard? I thought this move is what you wanted?” Finally I gave it all up and told God maybe I got everything all wrong. Was I moving ahead of him again? The answer came back “Just trust Me.”

I decided that I would stop trying to make my own plans, stop working on the move and let God do all the work. I would trust that if he really wanted me to move he would make a way. For the next few days when people asked when I was going to move, I’d just say as soon as God works it out.

Remember the phone call I just got? It turns out the people I needed to talk to were in the process of moving to a new location when I was first going to contact them. Now it seems that they are all settled in and ready for my questions and application. Patience rewarded, check, Faith built, check, Trust increased, check, Attitude better, check. Praising God twice checked!

Turning in my thirty-day notice? Not yet, I’m going to wait until all the paperwork is finished and God says to do it. Besides the apartment I want won’t be ready until July first anyway. Trusting, patience and faith are still growing. All will be completed in God’s time, not mine.

Psalm 27:14(NKJ) “Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!”


About coalowl

My eyes are green, my hair is white and the rest changes without notice and frequently does! I've been a volunteer with the American Red Cross since 1972 and currently a MN State Certified Emergency Manager.
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