Obedience, like faith, is an action

Matt 17:24 -27 “When they arrived at Capernaum, the tax men came to Peter and asked, “Does your teacher pay taxes?” 25 Peter said, “Of course.” But as soon as they were in the house, Jesus confronted him. “Simon, what do you think? When a king levies taxes, who pays—his children or his subjects?” 26-27 He answered, “His subjects.” Jesus said, “Then the children get off free, right? But so we don’t upset them needlessly, go down to the lake, cast a hook, and pull in the first fish that bites. Open its mouth and you’ll find a coin. Take it and give it to the tax men. It will be enough for both of us.”

Do you like action movies? I don’t care for the “blood and guts” ones but I do like the ones that show courage and have a point and the good guys win. My current favorites, among others, are Facing the Giants and Courageous both by Sherwood Pictures.

In both of these movies, the leading man is faced with a choice and needs to find an answer to a problem. In both cases they use God’s Word as their source. They put the effort and time into finding out what they are supposed to do and put it into practice and as a result, found their faith increased. Then they went out and shared their findings with others.

Their obedience to God’s Word changes not only their life but those lives around them. All because the men were faithful and wanted God’s best for them and those lives that they had influence over.

Our obedience to God includes reading and studying His Word. Reading His Word so you can say “I’ve read my Bible today” isn’t going to get it done. It’s like getting a turkey stuffed and ready for roasting but unless you put in the oven and bake it you’re never going to eat it and make it a part of you.

If you have a question or problem, don’t take it to your friends unless you know them to give good Godly counsel. Don’t expect to get by with being spoon fed on Sundays, either. Open your Bible for yourself and see what the Lord has to say. Go online to any number of online Bible programs like Biblegateway.com or Biblestudytools.com and do a search for your question or problem. Then choose to follow God’s Word and incorporate His answer into your life, and watch your faith grow in your obedience to Him.

The Dictionary of Bible Themes (found at Biblestudytools.com) defines obedience to God as; “A willingness to submit oneself to the will of God and to put it into effect. Scripture emphasizes the necessity for God’s laws to be followed, gives examples and reasons, and describes the rewards. Obedience to the will of God demonstrates the reality of a person’s faith in Jesus Christ. Putting God first—living according to his word—serves the glory of God and also the best interests of believers, by giving them true wisdom for daily living.”

Matthew 7:21(The Message) Knowing the correct password—saying ‘Master, Master,’ for instance—isn’t going to get you anywhere with me (Jesus). What is required is serious obedience—doing what my Father wills.”

So take action today. Turn off the TV, pick up your Bible and really dig into the Word to see what promises, blessings, guidence and answers the Lord has for you today. Then share them with your family and watch them grow in their faith and obedience.


About coalowl

My eyes are green, my hair is white and the rest changes without notice and frequently does! I've been a volunteer with the American Red Cross since 1972 and currently a MN State Certified Emergency Manager.
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